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Posessions, Choice & the Kingdom of God

Bible Ref  Mark 10: 26-31

When   14th October

Who    Stephen Thorp

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Serving Like Jesus

Bible Ref  Mark 10: 35-45

When   21st October

Who   Stephen Thorp

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The Four Great Testimonies to Jesus

Bible Sunday

Bible Ref  John 5: 36-47

When   28th October

Who   Stephen Thorp


Talk:     CPAS

When  4th November

Who     James Lawrence

gallery/salt and light

Bible Ref  Matt 5 :13-16

When   4th November

Who    James Lawrence


Bible Ref   John 15: 9-17

When    11th November

Who      Michael Paddison


Bible Ref Mark 13: 1-8

When    18th November

Who      Stephen Thorp

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The Coming of the Son of Man

Bible Ref Luke 21: 25-36

When    2nd December

Who      Brian Brown


Bible Ref Luke 2: 1-20

When    9th December

Who      Drama