All Saints Church Necton

The Roof


The roof  contains 60 tons of carved oak and chestnut , thoroughly repaired in 1838 and the damaged parts of the carvings replaced.  Large angels on the hammer-beams lean out over the congregation.  It was restored again in 1982.


The roof has hammer beams alternating with arch braces. On the wall posts there are large figures, near the centre there’s Christ with his fingers raised in blessing with St. Peter next to him. Opposite is the Virgin Mary with St. John holding the chalice, they are surrounded by the other apostles and bishops. Large angels on the hammer beams lean outwards over the pews, whilst two lines of angels have wings outstretched along the wall plates. Stone corbels have more decorative heads, an abundance of medieval paint survives.

Each of the larger angels and the smaller ones in the cornice is carrying a different emblem, eg: incense boats, shields, mitres, castles, chalices, etc., and have outstretched wings of reds, blues and yellows (yellow showing signs that it was once gilt ).

On either side of each intermediate principal, and attached to the ribs, are carvings of birds and animals, sixteen in all.
A rabbit is one and one represents a dog with a litter of puppies.

There are eighteen full-length figures beneath the principals between the clerestory windows, they are 4 and half feet in length and most are brilliantly coloured, There is a canopy over each figure, the underside of which is painted sometimes white and sometimes blue with lead stars.