All Saints Church Necton


A 14th Century Table Tomb in the churchyard on the south side has the effigy of an important woman lying on the top carved out of Purbeck marble.  This is supposedly the burial place of the Countess of  Warwick who fell ill and died in Necton whilst on her pilgrimage to Walsingham.  She expressed her gratitude to the people of Necton by donating some land to the parish.

Memorials to Alice, the daughter of Francis Blomfield, author of the History of Norfolk can be seen on the wall and floor of the south aisle.


Phillipa de Beauchamp (died 1384), widow of Sir Guy de Beauchamp (died 1360).  After her husband’s death she retired to the religious life in Shouldham Priory , and is depicted with the ring of chastity.

Nave, centre aisle  

William Curteys and wife (both died on same day in 1499). He was a notary and from his belt hangs a pencase with ink horn.

Inner porch

Ismayne de Wynston (died 1372) shown in a square, netted head-dress.

Monumental Brasses
 not at present visible.

St Catherine’s Chapel -


Memorial to William Mason Church Warden at Necton in the bell ringing chamber.

The Mason Family were important benefactors during  the 18th and 19th Centuries.  

Mary Rust, daughter of Robert Goodwyn,(died 1596), dressed in kerchief, ruff, farthingale and richly embroidered stomacher.


John Bacon (died 1527)

Robert Goodwyn (died 1532) and his wife Sabine with seven children.